Monday, April 27, 2009


it's my 19 birthday,
everything is just come and go,
happy, sad, excitement, lame, and bla bla bla,
throughout my 18 years old,
i learn and gain alot of so call experience,
and till now,
i think i still got alot more to learn,
guess so??hahaha,
thinking back,
my 18 years old was really crazy,
sometimes things seem to be easy going but some not,
maybe that what we called life,
so till now,
19 finally approach and appear to me,
so what should i do??
i don't know,
live life till the max,
live happily and enjoy whatever im doing,
i will...will continue it,
happy 19 years old LESTER!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

value of life

what is the meaning of value of life?
i guess everyone been asking themselves about this question many times right,
my value of life,
be outstanding from others?
be interactive?
be confident?
i don't know man...
it always come across my mind,
but i keep thinking and thinking,
and still couldn't get what is that to me...
till the day i met a couple,
they told me a lot of thing in the world of rainbow,
i only started to realize that,
the cycle of rainbow life,
thing seem to come and go everyday,
it just that whether do you give out an afford to appreciate those people or things that pass-by you every single second,
they are quite right,
im currently have reach a stage to feel lonely and need more friends,
friends that i could share my thought to them,
hang out for movie, drink and etc.
and im searching for it,
i use to be on red light last time,
but it time for me to turn on my green light and accept new buddies.
Lester you can do it...
yup yup...
go go go...

Sunday, March 15, 2009


who do that person think i am?
why do i need to help that person deliver messages to other people,
that's the thing that person always asked me to do,
and what i want to say here is,
im off from that job for now onward,
i don't want to be a postmen for you anymore,
im bored and fed up of it,
what do you think i am to you?
everything you said to me,
i follow...
and you said wait you back,
i wait...
but now you are back here,
hey man i have feeling as well,
i don't mind you have keep that person with you,
but did you ever ever thought of me even for a second?
i guess no right...
in this while,
im being naive,
thought that you are here,
everything will be settle and i no need to worry about it,
when im there,
just to have fun and enjoy myself,
but for now,
no more,
since you say wanted to be a good person,
i can't stop you,
because that your personal life,
what i can do now,
is to be indepandent,
and remember never depand on anyone again,
because it might lead to somehow current situation,
lastly bless you and all the best for your future.
i will not forget you for the rest of my life,
because you are the one who bring me out of my little world.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


y do the word holiday don't really bring me alot of fun,
am i nuts or wat??
holiday man,
everyone like it,
ya i know,
but i just don't like holiday,
can bored till die off slowly!!!
my previous weekend,
i really really wish to go to some places,
but i can't,
no one accompany me,
because it my first time visit k,
don't know what will i turn to be when im in there,
show so wrong right,
anyway this weekend was the boring-iessss i ever had,
wanted to go out but just can't,
i slowly found out that,
im actually quite annoying sometimes,
like to repeat myself alot of times,
ok ok ok,
dinner time,
study hard ya Lester,
exam around the conrner!!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


everything seem to be unfaithful to me,
it gone,
my precious thing,
just because of an hour dinner with friends,
my laptop, hardisk, documents,
all gone.
i never thought that such thing will ever happen to me,
but in reality that how life go,
who ever could predict that in another hour time your thing will be stolen by someone,
when i found out that my laptop bag was actually gone,
the feeling at that time,
i really don't know how to put it in words man,
piss off,
and so and so,
what else can i say??
just that im the unlucky one on that night,
if so anyone of you,
please bear in my mind from now onward,
don't ever ever put your belonging in your car,
bring it along with you everytime you out of your car,
and so for those pick-pockets, theifs, and what so ever,
don't think that you could run away for your next time,
yes you could be free for the first time or second time,
but if it continue,
one day you will suffer man,
i guaranttee you will really suffer ya.

Monday, March 2, 2009


another awesome night for me,
at first i thought i was just the same,
but after the party start,
it was totally different from what i been through last time,
acting different roles,
nice ambiance,
what i could said it just,
i like it,
fun need to be paid,
guess so,hahaha...
the day after,
my body aching like hell man,
especially my neck and shoulder bones,
but but but,
wroth it,
no regret after all,

Friday, February 27, 2009


it finally done,
preparation for my college event,
my final presentation,
my final assignments,
and now the upcoming event for my college,
another hectic thing,
the upcoming media assignment,
don't know how is it,
well college life,
i guess most of the college dude having the same thing as i faced,
so what now,
continue working Lester,
no rest in this moment.